our approach

Success: Whether you’re a start-up company looking to hit the ground running or you’ve been in business for years, Franklin Web Technologies is ready to help you meet your business objectives. An effective web platform is a vital in this digital age and should earn its keep by drawing in new customers and providing a critical link to existing customers.

Strategy: Every successful business has a strategy and your website should be in alignment with that strategy. The fact is that most businesses are not completely unique to their given industry. What are your competitors doing right on the web? What are they doing wrong? These fundamental questions should be front and center if your new site is to gain a leg up on the competition. Does your company have something that sets it apart from the rest of the industry? How can we embellish that on the web?

Sites that work: Franklin Web Technologies is particular about coding quality and longevity. Code is handwritten and validated through WC3. Only time tested scripting libraries such as jQuery and Ext.js are considered for your project. All our sites undergo testing on multiple devices and great care is taken to optimize all code for maintainability and speedy display.

US based: We’re not trying to be snooty about being a US based firm, but let’s be honest. Is it possible to expect a foreign based web design company to completely understand US business culture? Consider that each economy has its own cultural business favor and failure to experience and understand these differences might net a less effective web platform for you business.

Technological credentials: Franklin Web Technologies founder Marty Franklin has over ten years of coding experience in a variety of different web languages including HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and CFML. Marty’s real world experience in web-based business marketing, open platforms and web application development lead Marty to start Franklin Web Technologies during the summer of 2011. Marty found his company was able to fill a gap in a market where business owners are on a quest to locate fairly priced, effective website development and marketing company.